I am so awkward when it comes to this. I am constantly getting them and it feels like I get them so often it's as a joke. Usually it's just like "thanks.." Or I just smile. I'm so awkward.
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That is so me! XD

Lol i know what u mean!!! Like..first i think, are they kidding? Was that a sarcastic comment? And if they mean it then...why? Cuz i dont see how my ( insert subject of compliment) is worth such a compliment. Is there something wrong with it? Did i do something different? If it/i truly am (insert compliment) then why hasnt anyone else said so......

Lol i mean, i dont see myself as insecure but i just dont know how to respond to some compliments. I guess its cuz deep down we do have some insecurities and lets face it, we are always judging ourselves. So i guess when someone hits on that topic, we kinda overanalyze it all. Idk. I dont really know what to do abt it. I guess just smile and say thnks. Gotta practice the smile tho. Make it seem genuine. It will help with the awkward feeling.

same goes for me :D

use sarcasm then...haha

Lol I understand and your not awkward well maybe wierd lol but not awkward

Well that doesn't make it awkward at all, now does it?

Maybe a little but a real example of awkward is after your ex broke up with you and the next day by yourself went to a restraunt to eat and ex is with partner right beside you and they are kissing and they look up and see you and you got a wierd face now that's awkward.

That took a turn I didn't expect and if that was you I'm so sorry..

Lol, no it's from forgetting Sarah Marshall and I'm the one who's sorry I'm just not really good talking with other people.

Well.. Spoilers! Also, I completely understand where you're coming from!

Lol, cats out of the bag yeah finally someone who understands

Woah! I haven't heard that saying in awhile! And isn't it weird finding people who understand? Though it's like the biggest reason for EP..

Besides I like the idea of people telling stories and we can respond and talk to each other and help those that need help in a tough time.

Yeah very old and extremely lol, well yeah it is and I'm glad it's here it's a really cool program

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