When someone compliments me, I either blush or laugh it off. The other day, I was complimented on something physically that made me laugh. Now, I've been complimented on my legs... my hands...my smile but while I was getting some blood work done, the nurse told me I had lovely veins. Veins?! Really?!! I couldn't stop laughing as she took vial after vial of blood. She explained how she sometimes has a hard time finding some people's veins and how frustrating it is for her to do her job. I'm happy I made her job easy....I'm an easygoing gal, after all 😊
Cinnamongrl Cinnamongrl
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2 Responses Jan 24, 2015

Win win situation for you too. Having blood drawn is not the most pleasant thing to do! At least it was quick and easy :)

Yes...it is....maybe that's why I've never been afraid of needles 😊

I had a nurse tell me that a blind person could find my veins..lol

Lmao...I think that's a compliment. ..lol...