Why is it as females, we feel the proper response to a compliment is to decline? Like our natural instinct is to tell somebody no, we do not look nice today.
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It's because we live in a society that makes money off of women believing they're ugly. You can't go anywhere without unattainable beauty standards screaming in your face that you're not good enough. But you are. Personally, I used to decline compliments too. But I stopped that and started giving myself compliments and accepting ones given to me by saying, 'Thank you! I'm glad you noticed!' or other things like that. That's not to say that I'm full of myself. I've just changed by attitude about myself, and I feel happier because of it. I don't feel awkward when someone points out a part of me that I love. I got tired of hating myself, I want to love myself. I want to love my body like my mother loved my baby feet. So I tell a different part of my body that I love it every day. I do things to nourish and strengthen my body. I do things to heal it. It's the only body I'll ever have. So if someone notices how much I love my body and how I take care of it and how it looks, why is it bad to accept recognition from them about it?

I feel the same, when I get compliments it feels so awkward; my mind just enters panic zone. I have no clue how to respond, and I worry that I handled it in the wrong way. I think it's partly natural and comes with modesty, and partly a self esteem thing.

I don't think so actually. I think most of us simply say thank you. And I think rejecting a compliment is as bad as being cocky about it.

give back a compliment ?