Uh, welp. I actually prefer complimenting people instead of receiving compliments. I mean I like compliments.. I just dont know how to take them.
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I used to have this problem too, I learned to handle them by just saying thank you and giving them a compliment back; that way the focus is taken off of me.

Sorry id normally comment than heart this one...heart was me trying to scroll.

Hugs, I feel your pain :-/

Remember that part of a compliment is to give kindness, so even if it makes you uncomfortable or you don't agree, just say thank you and take joy in the gesture :)

Controlling who compliments you allows you more control of your thoughts and who can influence you. It is actually quite a smart thing to do.

I'm as bad! Totally embarrassing!

maybe this means you are a humble person at heart and you don't want the compliments you receive to give you a 'big head' over time. :)

I like to remind myself that everything we have and everything we are is loaned, not owned. It's how we share ours gifts with others that truly matters.