I'm awful at taking compliments, so I'll make an excuse about it or make a joke about it or really anything to deflect it. I compliment people all the time, in fact today I saw this one girl and said "Hey, sorry to be awkward but you're really beautiful." and just kinda walked away. I'll compliment people on their artwork, their shirt, or sometimes weird stuff like their eyes. I feel awkward saying it, but if I feel that way and it might brighten their day I can't help but blurt it out.
The problem then comes when they try to return the compliment. Yesterday, I curled my hair for once in a blue moon, and my one friend started complimenting it, and she was really excited about it. I felt so awkward and I was pretty sure I was blushing. I kept trying to change the subject or laugh it off, but I felt so embarrassed. I'd really rather go unnoticed.
absorbingalpacas absorbingalpacas
18-21, F
Feb 25, 2016