I remember showing my pic to someone and they said that's not you. I said yes it's me why it wouldn't be? Because it's " too pretty " really ?! To be real I need to have standards.. Hmm good to know.
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Well in my mind this is how u look to me 🌑 because I never seen it


Just remember u look like a black dot in my mind until proven other wise

standards like those are for people that base relationships on what's on the outside alone, that's a wasted relationship. beauty is skin deep, it wanes and sags in 20-30 years, but you will still be the same on the inside

You never showed me. 😭😭😭😭

That's what I'm sayin

Maybe he meant it as a compliment, like "no girl that pretty could talk to me" kind of thing?

Well she knows me in rl, she said you are even prettier in person. But I don't trust them.

Oh I got what you mean, I thought it was a guy at first, because I can see how that could be a compliment