Just clam up... don't like them, can't take them, so don't give them... odd I know but that's just the way it goes.
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Yes, howz this, <br />
'Here ta the cuter lil freckled redhaired gewl, All buttered up and . . . ?" gee, I know I was gonna say something nice but all those shiney freckles are kinda hyp no tizin me. "oo" dro-o-ol! hehehehe ;-) Nice direrre'. . . hehehehe<br />

Crap! Head getting bigger... can't get through door... gonna be stuck here forever... wait, butter, yes I'll lube it up... *wipes butter all over head* "anyone have any toast"

ahhhhhhhhhh-a-a-a-aa trapped at last. Tis time ya got whats comming ta yaz,<br />
Take em by the ears an pull em close SP, they are good for ya,<br />
oh, an yaz deserve em too. hahahaha<br />

Nope. Ya weren't bad. You were... pretty much... awesome. <br />
<br />
<br />
Sorry. Good luch with that avoiding thing. It's gonna hard to dodge a good compliment when you've gathered so many freaking friends. You're a lot of fun. I'm really sorry (again).

Lock me up? Hey was I bad? The dodo started it... GGGRRRR! Back off or I bite the dog!

Ok I'm waiting for Freddy to jump out... *looks around cautiously* Help! ANYONE HEAR ME?!

AAAHHHHH!!! Someone help me!! I'm trapped in here with nice ppl!!

*runs for the door*

You're awesome.