I Never Believe Them!

My problem is that when i get a compliment, i just tend to flat-out say 'no I'm not' or that's not true, but thanks anyway for the thought!'

It also depends on what the compliment is, for some reason, if i get a compliment on how i look (except about my weight!), i.e you're pretty.. etc..

 i can deal with that fine, i just say  'thanks', but anything else, like 'you're so nice' or 'you're really clever' i just freeze up, and totally disagree with them, which makes it awkward for them as-well.. then i feel really bad!

I think it has something to do with when i was growing up, i was constantly made to feel i wasn't good enough, like my only 'skill' was being nice to look at( when i was a teenager anyway- not anymore!)

Any thing i accomplished, there was always a 'it's a shame you didn't get this' or 'maybe next time you'll manage better' even if i had come top of the class!

Even now it's the same...

Anyhow, I'm better than i used to be when people compliment me, and sure, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?!

so I'm going to make an effort to accept that when someone gives you a compliment, that an ulterior motive shouldn't be presumed, and you should just say 'thanks!'


roc roc
26-30, F
Nov 14, 2007