i met this guy last year n thought what a hot guy he is! everything about him appealed to me!

Then when i was with him he was always making an effort to talk to me before my friends etc!
N he had a big heart to heart with my best friend about his feelings for me n told me he didnt want to tell me as he was scared i may reject him!

I knew how he felt about me n i felthe same but im very shy!

We didnt see each other until September n i felt like a lil school girl around him always so excited to see him but so nervous n giggly! so thats proof i do really like him!
I enjoyed spending time just talking to him! He was seeing another girl at the time! but he was still coming over to talk to me!

He had another heart to heart with my best mate saying he is so sorry to be with the other girl but he thought we had just parted never to see each other again!
He told her he really does feel the same about me n that he wanted to cry when he saw my face when i realised he was seeing a girl who i got on really well with!

He has moved since so i dont see him about anymore but he always is e-mailing me n texting me! saying he does wanna be with me n that he does love me!! etc etc etc!

But i dont know hes a guy! etc
I dont have a problem with it if he doesnt love me like he says he does its just i find it hard to trust guys n dont really fall in love as i dont wanna get hurt!

I just wish he could tell me how he truelly feels! n not just via a friend!
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Sometimes they tell u dat dey love u but thier action crealy read they don't. What kind of love is wen a guy doesnt answer his girl fren fon call but answers another number dat he doesn't know. Men are da reason why da world is messed upppppp

you know what ..?<br />
you should just go tell him ..<br />
just for a moment you should stop thinking and tell him whats in you're heart ..<br />
<br />
or else you'll regret it .. you'll keep think(what if..)<br />
<br />
i lost my love because am shy ..<br />
<br />
i wish it helps ..^^