Anti-beauty Marks

To those of us with acne, blemishes, freckles, moles, scarring, etc: We ARE beautiful. No matter what anyone else says, we are pretty and sexy and whatever we want to be! Yeah, we have marks on our faces or bodies, but who gives a damn! We're amazing on the inside, so screw you makeup! All the crap we put up with from what the media and our peers want us to become, and for what, to be just like everyone else. I AM PROUD TO BE DIFFERENT! Aren't you??
I admit, my face is absolutely covered with acne, and I have tried to get rid of it, because who wouldn't? But something I recently realized is that it isn't going away! And you know why I don't care? Because every single blemish, every acne scar I have, just makes the rest of my features look better in comparison. So, yeah, when someone sees my face, they're going to think "gosh, look at that girl's acne..." but right after that, if they're a decent person, they'll just think, "...but dang! Look at her eyes, they are like three different colors in one!" And if they aren't a decent person and just think "ewww. She mustn't take care of herself at all..." then I wouldn't want to associate with them anyway.
So basically, the point of this was just to say that you ARE beautiful, and you shouldn't cover you so-called ugliness, because they make everything else about you seem so much greater. Now go live life without being self conscious... got it?!
n3v3rn3v3r9rl n3v3rn3v3r9rl
18-21, F
May 20, 2012