I'd Rather Be Alone

Everyday I see my parents fight and argue for hours over nothing. They don't care about each other at all. After being married for 20 years, you'd think someone would love someone enough to not make them cry and have a breakdown because they bought styrofoam instead of paper plates.

My father tells me he loves me. But he sexually and emotionally abused me my whole childhood. If love existed, he would never of done that. If he loved someone, he would never want to take away their ability to love or trust someone else.

So because of him, I'd rather be alone because I don't know if I believe in love.
OneFalseHope15 OneFalseHope15
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Sometimes loving your self more than anyone works but you need to find peace and try to forgive him before you can actually learn to love someone and take note that some experience are there to make us learn and be strong so live the past behind and start living your life and if you do get hurt then my guess is you will be able to get through it as much as you were able to get over your dad at the end of time life shall take its on him

i cant blame you for not believing. sometimes it is best to stop holding on and be separated than be miserable the rest of your lives. in that way you can still preserve the good memories that was left behind.<br />
give yourself a chance on love next time, if you are ready to.