I play a lot of roleplaying games. It's something I really love to do. And one of the common things associated with any pen and paper style roleplaying game is dice, and rolling them.

I've been known to roll very poorly. Rolling really low numbers, and "Botching" often (which is when you roll a 1 or sometimes multiple 1s). My absolute worst fail was when I botched 3 times in a row just to climb out of a poop covered sewer. I had 8 dice to roll each time mind you. I even roughly calculated the chances of me accomplishing that and it was well under 0.01% chance of happening. I have people that REFUSE to let me touch dice, cards, or even electronic equipment.

I am cursed, like I've said before. I've broken a lot of things in my life. (I just now replaced my monitor). I just don't have luck with things. And what makes it all so strange, is that I treat my electronics very very well. I'm very good with computers, and I do know how to take care of them and fix them when they are down. But the amount of times I damage electronics, is statistically unsound. I have bought construction grade phones, and have broken them. Phones that come with 10 year warranties and make high claims such as being water proof and crush proof. Yes, I have gone through so many phones (I break 3 phones a year on average).

I've never won a scratch off in my life, aside from winning extra tickets, or the occasional dollar or two, just enough to sucker me back into playing again. Which is why I don't participate in the lotto. Not to mention that the statistics of winning any money in those games are very against you, there is no point to the lottery.

FUN FACT: My birthday, has been cursed, for as long as I can remember. EVERY BIRTHDAY I HAVE EVER HAD EXCEPT MY BIRTH HAS RAINED. I was even in Vegas my 21st... it rained (Statistically Improbable). I had to evacuate a hurricane once, and had a 2 tornado's on my birthday. Also, the day of my birth, my mother played the Super Lotto, buying 20 tickets, all which were computer generated. NONE OF THE TICKETS HAD ONE NUMBER CORRECT (Statistically Improbable). Also, my Birthday is 8/9/88, I was 5 minutes late from having a perfect 8 birthday, Yes. I WAS CLOCKED 12:05am!

I love statistics. In fact, I've spent a lot of time calculating statistics, of cards, and dice mostly. I am very into roleplaying games like I had said before, and I've also been working on a roleplaying game myself. So I KNOW STATISTICS. I am pretty crazy about them. I've even taken the time to memorize random statistical chances (e.g. Average Healthy Females of Age have a 1/8 chance of getting pregnant having sex during a random day of the cycle, which does not take into consideration birth-control of any kind. That is a 12.5% chance.)

So why is it... that a man of math such as myself would believe in a thing such as luck? I don't know... I just do. I just believe it. I hate to believe it, but I am cursed. Oh well, I just am.

I have to laugh at it really... because being cursed sucks. So you just have to laugh at the funny things in life.

Maybe one day... I'll die in a completely hilarious fashion. Like... a train will tip over and crush me... or a tire will come out of no where and pummel me into oblivion, or an asteroid will fall on me. Who knows! Knowing my luck, I'm bound to die horrible. 
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Nov 28, 2012