Weight From The Summer

It started on the day of eighth grade graduation. My best friend at the time came over and she was texting a boy. Let's call this boy Max. Max was being friendly and my friend, lets call her Rissa, starts asking if she has a butt. Well then she asked if I had a butt. He said yes. I didn't know Max very well. He wasn't the hottest kid but he was pretty hot. I never thought of him that way. He was always obnoxious in the one class I ever had with him, but that was what I heard Max was about and soon, months later, I would find out. Those six summer days were full of texting, and phone calls. We never actually hng out though. I never had so much fun with all the flirty texts. I never had a guy like me that I found was attractive. Before I knew it, Max left for camp. I would leave soon for camp too. He promised me that he would text me the morning before he left and when he got to camp. He didn't keep it. Those eight weeks at camp I didn't go one day without thinking about him. I head stories from my friends back at home how at his camp he had a girlfriend, and in fact he didn't write me. But my camp friends said not to write him. Boy, they were wrong. My memory gets a little foggy when I get home. Max was being distant and told me he did write me. A few weeks later he admitted he did not like me anymore. Because  I didn't respond to the letter 'he wrote' he just got over me and went out with other girls. He then texted me, I'm sorry, but I don't like you anymore. Then, at that very minute, did I hear from my friends how much of a jerk he was. I was so upset and mad. How good this happen? It really upset me for that entire night and the next day. I tried getting things back so he could get his feelings back and like me but he didn't. That's where the fighting began. A few days before school started, that fall, the text messages turned extremly ugly. He told me to **** off and I was a snidy ***** who does mental gymnastics to make themselves feel right!!!! There was more but I forget some. I said something mean back. After that night the text messages ended. We had math class together. I told my friends who were friends with Max what a jerk he was. They knew. That fall and winter we had some interaction. He texted me I'm sorry because my friend got him too. Sometimes at lunch he will make jokes with his friends and my friends that i like to 'lick his ear'. Only in the past week has he been starting to make rude comments about me in math class. Now my teacher knows we hate each other. But still there was something in the back of my mind. All that fall and winter my friends told me to get over him. I never belived I liked him even when he liked me. Today, my friend STILL tells me to get over him. I never thought I liked him and I don't think I do. He is a huge jerk. But the thing is, even when I hooked up with other guys I would think of him after. I don't know what to do. I feel like going out with him would fix this but then again it would make it all worse. I don't know what to do and everyone knows Max is a huge jerk and few people like him. 

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Okay but also. It his cousin just called me and wanted to see 'how i was doing'. It was really really weird. I never talked to her or heard of her before and she's like calling me. It was so weird...Like why would Max's cousin call me to see how I was doing and she wanted to know like how we were. Then her answer didn't seem very convincing when I asked her how she got my number and she's like I dont know really...I feel like I should get my cousin to call him and see how it feels.

take from someone who has been there done that,you are so much better off with out him....you will find someone who will treat you right and deserves you....he sounds like the type who talks smack about ppeople just to make himself look good,god i'm glad i am out of highschool,i suggest taking your friends advice and moving on.....good luck to you and you deserve to be happy....