Miss Being In Love

After 23 yrs of marriage I am no longer "In Love" with my husband. Neither one of us is anything like we were in the first years. We see every thing differently and even though he's good to me and I care about him I no longer like being around him very much. He agitates me and I find him totally boring and uninteresting. I think the only reason I stay with him is because he is good to me and supports me. This is my second marriage, the first one lasted 17yrs (too long!) I think back and except for the fact that my first marriage produced 3 children I don't think it's reasonable to expect to be happy with the same person your whole adult life. People are just too different and are always changing. It's better to experience new relationships.
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3 Responses Jul 22, 2007

There is always hope if you both want to work it out. I'm in my second bad marriage too. I think it's because I didn't know who I was when I married him and now that I know, I'm not sure i want him anymore.
Ask yourself the tough questions, do I really love him for who he is? Am I my best when I'm with him? Do I know who I am and what I want? We don't make people change. We must love them for who they are. And they must be able to be thir best self when they are with you.

Im in a bad 2nd marriage now. Wanting things to change and him to get better. Is there any hope?

I think people forget to appreciate one another, they take for granted the everyday things we do for one another, Thank you babe, hun, do you want too? love has got to be fed, if things get boring thats because you two have allowed it to happen, there is no marrage that is perfect but if you both work at it you can make it wonderful, bring back the fire, it is possible