I Just Feel Too Tired Now

I'm 41 years old. Single and looked for a ***** donor for years. Now I don't seem to have any libido left. I seem to have given up. On one hand I feel like a failure as a woman, on the other hand I don't see the point of bringing children into this rotten world.
Gamora Gamora
41-45, F
1 Response May 8, 2012

If you think you're tired now... . I believe that we're always right where we should be in life. And very much commend you for considering today's world. We are headin' downhill and fast, and I personally couldn't even imagine having little ones around if we do have a crisis. And I believe we will.<br />
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They don't call it 'the biological clock ticking' for nothing, sweetie. It's just one of those times and changes in life that causes you to think, "What if...." or "Should I...", but it is what it is. It takes a lot of energy and time (decades) to raise a child; and a small fortune to boot. And it's even tougher on your own. Volunteer to help your friends with theirs more, and offer a long weekend of babysitting? You'll be more content with your choices.