What's the Difference....

maybe i'm just strange, i dunno. i don't think i've ever been in love with anyone. obviously, this doesnt include my family, mcr, music, etc.

anyway. i've only just realised this. see, i've never been "sure" that i liked someone - was it bc a friend suggested it? was it bc they were nice to me? was it bc i dont know that many guys? am i just "liking" anyone who smiles at me?

there's this guy who is a prime example of this right now in my life. he's everything i'd want in a guy - smart, funny, loves music, listens to others, gorgeous, and just a really nice, generous guy. altho he does have a tendency to bolt w/out saying "bye" sometimes...so my friends think it would be perfect if i went out with him. in all logic and practicality, this is impossibe. a) he is possibly interested in another girl b) he's definitely not interested in me c) i'm not allowed to date d) the design of my house makes it impossible to sneak out anyway e) do i even really really like him?

how can you tell between a crush, love or just friendly liking?

(hope this made sense - am a little tired right now!)

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There are lots of kind of loves. If you mean for love from the opposite sex, then you are young. Life is all ahead of you to worry about this now

Well, it's hard to know. I mean, I don't think anyone has ever done a survey on what different people experience for each of those things. That said, an easy measure is the amount of disruption and destabilisation it causes you. If you can take it or leave it, it is most certainly not a crush nor love. If you can't get them out of your head and fantasize about being in their presence, you're well on your way to crush. And if it starts ruling your life, it's probably an unhealthy obsession. And if, no matter which way you turn, or no matter how much you get on with and enjoy your own life, your mental and emotional lock on their target persists... maybe it might be love. Love's a tricky one. Most people seem to say that you'll know when it's love. So far, in my experiece, that seems to be about right!