I honestly think I'm an idiotic girl who is ugly as hell.......
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Yourva beautiful girl

Not ugly at all

isn't it great that that you have the power to change your thinking!

no way!!!

Everybody at sometime in there life thinks there ugly ,even the pettiest of women are never happy with there body or looks. You have to learn to love yourself and make the most of what you have been given. Peoples opinions dont count , it comes from within you how you feel about yourself

hey , don't be like that
you are a beautiful girl no doubt

Ure totally wrong hunz!!! Like TOTALLYYYYY!

Everyone is attractive.

You are not ugly...you're gorgeous.

you look sexy to me!!!!

We are our own worse critics. I am sure you're an awesome, intelligent, sweet and gorgeous woman and should never think of yourself in a negative way. Look in the mirror and tell yourself this "I am intelligent, sweet, attractive and GOD loves me."

My answer still stands the same. I think you are so stunningly pretty. You can really knock a guy off of his feet.

Your are so sexy if someone is telling you your not then they need help

Ur sexy. Dont believe bullshits


why would you try to pretty yourself up for a picture then say im so ugly?

I didn't try. This is the exact reason I want to commit suicide. Maybe if your gonna be like everyone else in my world then I will commit suicide. I was called a ****, a *****, a *****, a ****, and a ******* **** who should get a ******* life.


So now. Because you just added to that, time for suicide.

Killing yourself is not the answer, it may seem at the time but all you're going to do is hurt those who love you. God gave you life for you to enjoy it. Don't let anyone tell you that you're all those things you speak off. You are a wonderful woman, with so much love to give to the right person but they have to be worthy of you to do that.

It makes me really upset when I see something like this. People who want to commit suicide, don't come online, write it in internet, they simply do it. People who think they're ugly, and really believe in it, are usually shy and don't take selfies because they can't look at them. Please don't threat people that you will kill yourself if you are just saying that to bring attention, because some people take it personally. Everyone is beautiful, inside and out, but your outside should not matter so much! Even though I don't like what you wrote, I'm keeping in mind that you may have some personal expieriences or whatever that made you say that. If that is the case, then I apologize. But I've met too many people who post selfies and state ' I am so ugly ' just to get attention. Especially when they involve depression - a serious mantal ilness into it, while they're just seeking attention.
Have a good night, and I hope you will stop caring about your outside so much because then life is easier.

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looks doesnt matter! atleast u look ur age! I am 25 and still look like 16

You're not though. I don't even need to look at your picture because I know now that any time a girl says something like this, they actually are really gorgeous. You are crafted the way you need to be to attract the right people in your life. You only think you're ugly because you see yourself every day and you can pick out every little flaw you have! Others can hardly see that stuff. You just gotta let go, let your confidence shine, and bring out your true colors. God bless ya


Very attractive to me. I love the geeky females with glasses.

But you're beautiful

You're fishing for compliments. Don't do that. "Ohmgerds I'm so ugly! Look at this picture of me and how ugly I am!"Yea right...I'll give you some free advice but I doubt you'll take it. You won't find self-validation from other people. See, it doesn't matter what other people think I look like because I'm the only "me" I get. If someone blows me off it's their loss because I don't need a bunch of strangers on the internet to tell me how awesome I am.

No I'm not. I been bullied since I was in grade two and this is the only place I feel I don't have to act. But if your gonna ruin that for me I might as well go along with my plan of suicide. No one will miss me. I was called a ****, a ****, a *****, a *****, and a ******* ***** of a **** who should get a ******* life.

That was all this morning!!!

Don't beat yourself up over something that's not true! :)

You are very pretty

Nah you look good to me

No your not

I give you a 6.5. You still got lots of time to grow, but don't worry about it. You're a 10 in somebody's eyes for sure.

Boo "dislike" Aren't we here to be supportive?

You are beautiful! Please do not think such things ♥

You're beautiful!!!(:

mirror mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all...


You are going to break many hearts

Hm? Wha do you mean?

Who makes u feel this way? every girl's beautiful in their own way, you mustn't say that again, look In the mirror u're an angel, Don't let the opinions of others make you forget that

If that's your pic you are very cute and probably be very pretty soon

Why so you think that?

i think that too unfortunately, u treat yourself like that is that justice! u have to love yourself sweety,

You are beautiful, cute and I think funny, don't worry girly all us girls have been in a similar situation in the past, not exactly the same obviously, but similar. =) Also, if you personally think your ugly, try to do something to change it, something that would lift up your self-esteem more. It's a raw solution, but it should be effective =).

Umm...google body dismorphia.

is that you in the picture? girl you're beautiful

It is me

Thank yu

who told you that you are ugly? must be blind or something

Sorry you feel that way, but if the picture is you then you are well on your way to being hot... Funny thing happens, the kids who think like you (and me when I was in high school) always wind up being super hot, and the super hot ones usually start losing it once the popularity of high school fades... Hang in there! Love the outfit btw...

You look prettier than most girls at my school.

Lol really?

Yeah. Why are you so insecure?


If you don't see if you are than what does it matter if I do.

I think you are stunningly pretty! I mean that from the bottom of my heart ;-)) After reading some of your stuff I can tell you that you are definitely NOT idiotic either...Quite the opposite, in fact.

Thank you

You are very welcome sweetheart. I was just being honest.

I feel the same about me..the only different thing is that I'm a boy...and what I can tell you is that if you don't respect yourself no one will do it, and try to be more confident in yourself and do a change in your life, it dosen't matter what you change as long as you change something.

* Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker

That's ok.

+ An idiot person will never say about her it is idiot, so your not one and I think you're cute^^

Thank you. Heh

No, your not ugly.

Thank you

I honestly think you're wrong haha ;)