I just never feel good enough. Here's my pic, no hate..
olivias78 olivias78
18-21, F
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very pretty girl

you have such a great smile, very natural, beautiful!

Yes it's a close up, and it still looks very pretty! You have literally nothing to worry about concerning your appearance.

You're very pretty, and those glasses look great on you :)

Your so beautiful! :) you have pretty hair!

F no. You're really pretty! Especially with those glasses on :D
I hope no one tells you you're ugly because I know it can hurt :(

You look great in those glasses!

Words carry power. What you say is what you believe. Start looking in the mirror every day and verbally, out loud, say I am beautiful, I am fit, I am tone, and you will become those.

Words can speak into existence any reality we wish to create. If you say it enough, and believe it, it will happen.

Your very beutiful, don't let people bring you down

You have nothing to worry about, but I know how you feel! You're really pretty!! :)

Ur attractive in my eyes. If u weren't( but u r) I bet u r an amazing girl that still needs attention from every guy u see.