There is some people that would find you attractive and others don't.
I've learned to love myself.. It took me a lot of work and sometimes I fail but I'm stronger than I was.
It's important that you can find yourself attractive, cause that's the most important part. I mean if you let your opinions on yourself depend on what other think you're gonna stay unhappy cause, trust me, there are really mean people out there who's always gonna try to push you down.

I want you to start loving yourself for the one you are. It's ok to have goals like losing weight/gaining weight.. But you should not wait until you are in your goal weight to love yourself.. Love yourself now, cause you'll never know what can happen tomorrow.
Much love
Jessoka Jessoka
22-25, F
7 Responses May 30, 2014

You are quite wise. Great advice.

Indeed. And you are pretty =)

i think you are for sure, keep ur head up

I'm sure the attention will boost your thoughts

Every human being has great beauty never underestimate yours

No one is attractive or unattractive.. Its all depends on the person watching u...keep your heart clean thats all matters

That's quite touching for a Friday morning!

I've been awake for a couple of hours now haha

As have I! How are you and who are you? :)

I'm good :)
Haha I'm Jessika

I am Mark! :)

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