I don't feel attractive at all. Literally my self-esteem and no confidence has taken over. Any tips for hair or makeup to help me boost this confidence? I just want to feel pretty .
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Super gorgeous

You are beautiful

**** you xD you just want attention

Not a question. Hold your head up high. You turn heads when you walk into a room and don't even know it.

Omg you're gorgeous

You are beautiful!!!!

And yes attractive lol

U shouldn't wanna feel something that u already r( pretty). Ur attractive no matter if u wear make-up or if u have beautiful hair. Ur going to look beautiful regardless.

u r extremely hot!

You are not your looks. Your appearance is one aspect of who you are. If your only concern is your looks, that is how others will value you - as an object.

Build your character and your ability to do what you love, and your beauty will be magnified to the people that matter.

Good luck 😄👊

i dont know about you but i think anyone on this website is smexy

If you think you are attractive, then you can be attractive :) You don't necessarily need makeup, but new clothes that compliment your figure help.

Youtube has a ton of makeup and hair tutorials that helped me so much that I have been hired out to do entire makeup parties even though I have no formal training.

Girl,you're very beautiful,gorgeous,pretty and attractive. You dont need to put make up.And you are not fat as what you say, so be confident to yourself and tell to yourself," I'm beautiful no matter what they say".😉

Thanks gorgeous means alot <3

you are very beautiful, don't look for self validation in other people. all that matters is how you feel about yourself. people are going to talk bad about you regardless

Did the 46 yr old get called ugly

Wtf are you talking about? You're at least an 8.

Beautiful. ;)

You are clearly blind then and you you are a very pretty girl and should know that

Thankyou :) its just due to the fact being put down everyday

**** what Anyone else says if your happy with yourself then that all that matters

I agree

Thanks alot<3

Your welcome get some confidence girl

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