I think I'm to ugly for any guy to love me.
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Your perfect! I'd love to be young and your neighbor!

oh no your not.

You are amazing sweetie. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

So not true, you look beautiful

I'm sure you are.
You are young vital.

Stop .
Be Happy with your bad *** self .. And Smile and say Hello to every single person you meet tomorrow and the next day and soon this will be a long ago memory ..

Hiya! My name is Eliana, but call me Ellie if you want!!

Girl, every girl is beautiful! As long as you're beautiful on the inside, you will most certainly be beautiful on the outside. Do you know why you may think you're ugly?? Only because YOU'RE making yourself think it. If you just say to yourself, you are beautiful, you will believe it!! Time will come for you to find your true love!! I am still pretty young (in 9th grade) but I'm not worrying about being alone. I have everyone I need and when I meet the perfect guy, then BAM it will hit me straight in my head!! Before my very eyes. What I'm trying to say, any guy that falls for your beautiful looks, isn't a ugh worth having only because they should love you for who you truly are, not what you look like. From your profile picture, you are absolutely stunning, princess! Strut that stuff! Anyways, you are absolutely perfect the way you are! Wait for your time to come!! God has a very special person waiting just for you! Maybe they're wondering the same thing of when they're going to find YOU. :) just keep believing you're beautiful and you are truly beautiful. In my opinion, you are stunning!! Thanks for reading x

~Ellie k-k-k kawaii ^.^

you have to believe in yourselfe , you are beautiful

Beauty is withi. You are what makes you beautiful and tge only person who can assure you that you are. you feel ugly coz youre constantly trying to look good for others. Look good for yourself then youre haply and start a positive vibe which attracts others. Men likes happy and confident girls

i get that too except i aint a woman but still yeah ...i get that feeling!! but then its even nicer when someone says they like you!

You are crazy if you think you are ugly.

I feel guys only want me cause im a skinny girl with big ****.

I feel the same way..

Grrrr you had better hope you do not live anywhere near me or I'd give you such a lecture!! YOU are beautiful.. everyone is... beauty is as beauty does.. you ARE attractive but it really isn't what its all about .. its about being beautiful as a person.. sure there will be girls prettier than you.. there will be girls less pretty than you.. what really determines whether someone loves us or can love us.. is if WE are loveable.. The really drop dead gorgeous girls may get guys but do they keep them? Not if they are selfish and shallow.. so really please be you.. be proud of being you and stop worrying or comparing yourself to others..

Why do you say stuff like that? ):

You got time

Not true

the problem with this is if you think you are than you most likely act that way also. do something for YOURSELF starting with LOVING YOU. You can start that by working on why you feel that sentence is true and go about changing it.

Second a old wise man once told me : No matter how beautiful a woman is there is some man some where who is tired of her ****.

Gotta love you first.
I'm never getting married, but I plan to live with somebody for awhile

Believe you me, somebody is tired of sleeping with the other

I gotta go, but hit me up when or if you want to

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It's all about confidence... you gotta be confident and comfortable with yourself before others will feel confident and comfortable around you... Real beauty lies within, a real man will love you for you, not what you look like...

You could make me or any guy/girl a very happy person :)

Each lady has her own beauty.. Not being at her face than being inside her feeling that she is beautiful..

I would tap that

If it makes you feel any better, I think your pretty. c:

Hun, you beautiful i'd totally want to be yours

Not true