I'm actually really pretty. When your eyes are closed 👌
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let me see and judge for myself

It was a joke. I don't need validation. It was supposed to be a play on words. Like I'm attractive if I'm in the dark get it? Because like I'm not.

and i know when to choose to ignore intended meanings and insert my own

You do you.

You're either blind or have mental issues if you believe that

You are beautiful, why do you doubt yourself ?

Because I don't know haha

Well you are a very beautiful young lady

I think it says much more if I think you're beautiful with my eyes closed than with them open.

This is very true.

Oh, you're gorgeous and you know it!

No I think I just have a good picture if me

Unless the picture has been altered in some way, your true beauty does shine through even on a cheap camera. Regardless, that's all anyone has to go off of to comment on your statement.

I mean the statement was a joke "I look pretty when your eyes are closed" I'm usually not serious when I ask questions about appearances, I usually post a funny picture or whatever. I'm always trying to be funny haha

Ah, alright. Thanks for clarifying. :)

I try I try. Haha

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You're pretty cute honestly.

We're all beautiful with our eyes closed

True true

Lol good 1

eww ew My turn .... I lykes to stare at you, without blinking after you are done with W/E you was doing ?

It doesn't matter of you're pretty or not. What matters is the inside... I'm pretty you've heard that like a million times but honestly it's the true and be confident about yourself. Who cares about what other people think about your appearance! :)

Yea. It's much easier said then done for me at least

And just as pretty when my eyes are open my dear :)

U look so damn pretty

My **** gets hard looking at ur pic. I hope that answers ur question

There will always be someone that thinks you are beautiful, with their eyes open.

Yea bad eye sight is very common. Haha ;)

A beautiful young woman with a sense of humor. By the way, I'm an older man also not trying to score.

You're really cute

Lol your gorgeous and hav great hair and eyes. And im a girl so I ain't just trying to score lol

Haha thanks :)

Lol no prob

you are gorgeous

Thank you

Very pretty lady

Why thank you haha

Are you mixed? Like, filipino + caucasian?

I do get asked that a lot but I'm assuming I'm 100 percent Chinese. The reason I'm assuming is because I'm adopted. So I don't actually know my biological parents.

Your parents had good genes - it's very clear. You look like a doll. :)

Haha thank you :)

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