I wonder if im a decent looking human being. Either way, -shrugs- whatever xD
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You're gorgeous the way you are, don't worry about what others think.

If you dressed up in a dress Rach you could give Mrs Florida a run for her money. Why don't you try once for the beauty pageant thing Rach, you would have fun, it would be something new, and It would make you feel better, especially your self outlook , self esteem and you would be getting made up every day.

Yes you are

Wuwd yui leik tuh gow git suhm fuhk wit mei?

or nah

Pretty cute

You're gorgeous

Thank u! I appreciate that :p

Does my voice count? uh...Yes your pretty Rach! Why wouldn't you feel pretty? You are a beautiful woman! -Brick

Thanks friend ur sweet xD