Hey! Here's my picture.. Loll
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yes very attractive

Cutie babe!

You look cute o/



Hello?, u ok?? Hope ur well a treated ur mum well yesterday! U smiling yesssssssss x

I'm fine:) and yes i did

Thought u did and y is that? Have I done that for u???

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Very pretty!!

Yes you are



Nice x


Congrats! U r


You are pretty and have nice eyes and a great smile.

Pleasant smile. Hard to tell much else.

cant tell, it cut off ur face. but from what i can see, very cute

You are hot and beautiful


You're cute, but you don't need other people telling you it. People say I am but it doesn't make me believe it any more. You need to find it within yourself.


Ur very cute

you good girl nice smile

can only see a mouth lol

U r . And have pretty face too

Very pretty

Everyone is attractive in their own way. Be soul food not eye candy!!!

Yes very

What makes a person attractive?


I believe everybody is beautiful and so are you 😌

I like you better with glasses πŸ˜‹ super pretty though

I agree with AristoLozan

On both comments

lol I love your expression

Oh shitt my eyes!

Good thing?

Cute! :)

You are beautiful. Just like all 7 billion people.

Everybody is attractive, you should just Understand you don't need to attract everybody!

You're a very cute attractive girl, the kind I could look at for a long time to come xx

Oh yes!!!

Lovely so fresh but phone is in the way.

You've a lovely smile

You don't need other people's opinions to tell you what you already are.

Best among 64 now lol

This angle I'd have to say attractive.

I've told you twice that you are attractive. Just so you know, you are. I'm not going to continue responding to these posts anymore, though. My opinion is not gonna change, and I'm not gonna keep reminding you what it is. You can rest assured that you are attractive. I bet at least 97% of people think so. If you really need a bunch of strangers to tell you that all the time, you are feeling unnecessarily insecure. I can't take it upon myself to cure you of that, but I want you to know that you're not alone, and that it's something that gets better when you work on it. But do not be surprised or insulted when people tell you you're an overly attention-seeking person. From their perspective, that's honestly what it looks like. When they tell you that, it's certainly not an insult to your appearance. It's them saying that you're so obviously pretty that you couldn't possibly have other motivation to ask this question.

Thank you. Really thanks

Not just attractive but you are adorable.
Thanks for sharing.

Your gorgeous!!

very pretty :)

Your beautiful ☺️

beyond attractive liv welcome back

Lol thanks

we should chat sometime lol