Literally everyone does this soooo
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Shes in her teens...
This is what thy do....
I had two myself and recently acquired two more.
I love filling the rift that all of them have and are are left with.feel They cant ask parents or there is a missing parent or no parents....
Kids question everything and anything more so about themselves...
Their emotions are all over the map
They have hormones and testosterone levels that are raging
they ask here...cause its a forum to ask.....
If it aggravates you skip over it...
Show the kid some respect.....

Think your very cute

yep, you are.

Your gorgeous

You look like my ex. Holy **** lol i miss my baby


Not everyone. Some understand that girls can be other things nowadays

Literally everyone does this. And now you done it too lol.

Cute kid ,what counts is how you feel about yourself not what everyone thinks

Get rid of the lip ring and sure I guess

hell yes

You have nothing to worry about

Yes,you are very Attractive,your eyes and smile are killer. :)

that was just wrong.

You're gorgeous.

Nice eyes.

For a 17 year old you are pretty, if anyone has said otherwise then they are insecure about themselves but if you are self-conscious about it, don't be, that can lead to worse problems than just asking whether your pretty because you are, hope I helped or just made you smile. Have a good day :)

You are absolutely beautiful!! stunning!!

You are. :)

U r hot mate

Are u a fellow Aussie, mate ?

I am sure u r. Msg me pls when u have a moment !

Dood, say mate one more time...

I believe everyone is beautiful and so are you, plus the hoodie is awesome :)

You really don't need to ask that question :)

Does this even need to be asked? Yes, you're gorgeous. So gorgeous that it's a silly question. But really let me ask what everyone is thinking... Where can I get one of those hoodies?? XD

I got it online

of course you are..... lol

Dear Cupcake, from what I can see of your picture, you are way past attractive, heading towards beautiful, I know we all need to see what others see about us, so don't feel bad about asking that question, it is human nature to want to know how others see us, I am 80 and I still need sometimes to have others affirm for me, how i look,
Do not worry, if your inside matches your outside, you have it made in life!

Rose you are one of the most beautiful people I know! So is this young lady! In fact most people who are positive, have a large smile and a big heart are extremely attractive!

Thank you rose and I know it's the inside that counts but even looking in a mirror I don't see what others see

Dear Cupcake, that is true, most of us do not see ourselves clearly and sometimes need help in doing so, especially when we are young, I see nothing wrong in asking for feedback from others about your look, I think that our inner beauty shows through almost always, and that is what people are responding to on this site, well most of them, the others, just ignore,
As they have their own problems about their looks, just know that most here think you are very pretty and take that for yourself, and keep it, so that you will know that you are ok.

Very well said!!

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ummmmm aaaa yea! id say you were attractive × 12!

Your very cute

So annoying when pretty girls ask this. Love the hat tho

It's a hoodie

My son would love one like that

You can get them online literally just type pikachu hoodie


Is it less annoying when unattractive girls ask?

I don't know, I haven't seen one ask yet.

Judging by the responses people get on here, there are no unattractive women

Only a jerk would tell them they're ugly

Fair enough. That does seem like a rude thing to say

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Pfft you know that's cute

You look like a doll

What's that black thing in your mouth

It's a piercing

Yah destiny is right lol

You're cute

Yup, like Pikachu

1000% you are


They DO exist!

Pika pika

I once took a test and got a Raichu. If we dated the sparks would be flying ;)



I also forgot to say: you are a beautiful Pilachu ;)

And I don't say that often hahaha


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Definitely!! :)

Aw thanks ^_~