Boys at school call me ugly all the time for no reason. I've done nothing to them. I'm always as nice as I can be. They've lowered my confidence down so much but I try not to let it effect me.
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you are beautiful... and if you didn't boy don't really reach mental matured until their death beds...jk I think but anyways u are beautiful and stay strong

*didn't know

Sounds like some trash just placed themselves in front of your face and spit out more trash. Someone's got to take them out. -_o But anyways, don't listen to them. They are probably in their young and stupid phase and will probably grow out of it. If not, whatever. Point is, their actions are inexcusable but if you can't do anything about it, just ignore them and move on. Don't let these pesky obstacles bring you down because only your point of view matters, no one else's.

You're beautiful ... Boys 14-15 are silly and can't properly express them selfs I would not be surprised if they actually had a crush on you ... But no matter you're a doll 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Hey, I know I'm gay and all, but dayum, you are beautiful, you have very lovely features and have a great smile. I dont understand how those boys dare even call you ugly.

Lol screw those guys your beautiful

What? Don't let their words get to you! You're beautiful, inside and out!

As crazy as it may sound, sometimes those who insults your looks are usually jealous of you. The truth is, people may shake you, rate you, or even break you. But how strong you stand, is what makes you. In addition, Happiness is not a result of getting something you don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what you do have. You create happiness with your attitude, your behavior and your actions.

#1 *Affect
#2 You're not ugly
#3 ***** (Not really) YOURE BEAUTIFUL

I mean not really a ***** you are pretty though

Thank you! Also sorry I didn't really check my spelling at the end.