Oh, well. There's worse things in life than not being attractive. :P
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7 Responses Jul 18, 2015

You're not unattractive. You have a good facial structure (Yes, I realize how weird that sounds). I think the glasses look good on you, too.

But, there are definitely worse things in life than being unattractive. But, those worse things would be less worse, in general, if one was attractive. -.-

I'd have to say you are! Or...we can be Fugly together! ;)

Your profile picture is lovely. I haven't seen a full picture of you, so I can't tell if you really look that pretty.

Elle Macpherson thinks that she has a big butt. You are also probably kidding yourself.. :)

If that's a real picture of you, then you have nothing to worry about. You are, indeed, attractive.

You're very welcome, and once again, you are very attractive and if anyone thinks differently they need their eyes checked.

I think your response to your own question makes you more attractive than any pic you can put up on here

Why don't you know your attractive. I can definitely say you are very hot looking, or attractive if you prefer, but if your not attractive on the inside I guess that becomes moot.

Do you question your inner beauty, and it's not just a girl thing to question your cosmetic appeal?

Sorry, I don't mean to sound like i'm arguing, it just seems to come off like that.

If that is true then you should know, you are a truly beautiful person, inside and out, you dear, are a minority.