Sometimes I wish I was conventionally attractive but that's dumb. I'm a thick, curvy black girl and if guys don't like that, that's too bad for them
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You are very attractive! You have a really nice face, sexy body and curves! Be proud of them!

I said it, I ... you're still young. You have every right to think that, but fortunately you have no reason

Everyone has their likes and tastes, you'll find one who not only likes you, but is also worthy of you :)

I LOVE THAT. message me beautiful


I'm fairly certain you would be considered conventionally attractive haha.

Well thin girls are not attractive

message me darlin.

Can't see u

Exactly. The ones who don't like it are obviously the first ones who will never know the delight of being in your happy space with you wherever that may be. They'll also never know the gift of you to this world, and that's their loss entirely. Smile knowing there's no way they are going to have any kind of lasting presence in what really is an excellent life!

Lmfao. I live in Florida. The men out here would eat you alive. They love curves and black girls. Plus you have a pretty face so...

I'd like to be eaten

I mean, I would. I eat da booty like groceries. Straight up.

You're swell

I am. And I can be yours too. ;)

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Don't worry about what people think of you twin. there haters and they'll hate what matters is your personality. instead of looks and while my looks are rather dashing. I aim to only aim at who I am as a person. for what it's worth I think your beautiful inside and out. in the long run looks are okay but what truly matters is personality because that conquers all. and besides if anyone calls you unattractive or ugly I'll rip their legs off and beat them with em. :)