am i or not????????? tell ,me
YoungDisobedientSlave YoungDisobedientSlave
16-17, F
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Inside and out

post a pic and i will tell you


u seem beautiful

Very attractive

Smokin hot

Yes you look gorgeous.

probably are

You are

I think you are but the only opinion that matters is yours


I can't even view your profile, how could I possibly a newer you?

You're a very pretty young lady

It's really how you feel about yourself...and how you are in the inside.

Yes you are, and try not to be so self consious, you should know that you are beautiful.

You are

Yes you are

I don't know what you look like

Yes you are very pretty



Well u dont answer my messages so, lol😁. U are gorgeous tho😍

Why should that matter? Physical beauty doesn't define who you are.

Amen wolf

yea your beautiful