What's the point of living? No no one will ever like me...
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the point of living is to know God and His Son more and not things and people in this world

and always remember that God loves you no matter what :-)

we can say that no one likes you but still there is someone to love you, "love" is better than "like", love doesn't care appearance while the "like" does :-) just enjoy life :-)

everyone has his own destined person to be loved and are able to return back the love you gave

Don't take this the wrong way... Your attitude is why no one likes you! You have to love yourself before someone will love you! If your negative people will be negative towards you. Woman are attracted to confidence. Looks have something to do with it but your personality can out-weigh looks. Hope this helps!

It does thank you.

Don't think like that I can see in your profile picture your a very handsome young man and your on this earth for a reason plz remember that