With my success with women I don't think so but I've been told other wise. Honest opinions.
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You look great 😊

mud looks better than you hell pig **** does too!!!

Dude stop not cool

Ego and vanity is not either. It is a pathetic attempt to get attention.
Further it is my honest opinion.

Well you could've said it in a better way. Dorm times people just need to here something positive.


That is what affirmations are for, or therapists.

No, because something causes people to got to therapists but that's not what someone wants (to go to a therapist)

Learn some manners because some things you keep to yourself

He has a need to see one if he is driven/compelled to find out what total strangers think.

Learn some manners, some things you just learn to keep to yourself

Yes you need to CHILD.
I do not lie, he asked a question and deserves an honest answer.
BTW CHILD he gave a heart to my reply!
He accepts my perspective and it is my right to do so!
Now go get your nappies changed.

I hearted your answer because your comment was pathetic to get attention

I hope your not the age that's on your profile

I am and have learned that lying is wrong. If you lie you just develop a bad habit.

I tell the truth if you do not want to hear it don't be so pathetic to ask.
If you dont want to know the answer don't ask the question!!!!

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