Im 14 And Bi Curious

I'm a guy and i am bi curious. I have been wondering what a date with a bi guy would be like. i know for sure he would like my options for wat to do then some of my friends. i just want to have a fun relationship with another fellow bi guy. i have not told my parents yet and i dont plan to for while until i know for sure when im bi sexual. i live in Toronto well mississauga. if u r a bi guy and who lives in mississauga or close by email me :) i would love to meet. oh an 14 (or 13)
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1 Response Aug 18, 2010

congratulations on questioning ur sexuality, alot of guys don't do that @ ur age, or ever. it's great u have opened ur mind to the possibilities. don't worry so much about finding the answer whether u really are bi or not, it's ok not to know. some deep soul searching will give u answers but so will experiance. both are important. hope u find a nice guy u can click with & u have a goodtime. make sure ur upfront about where ur coming from so every1 has the right expectations & remember to be safe everytime if it comes to that. challenge urself but don't feel u have gotta do nething that makes u feel uncomfortable even if it's just to prove a point to urself.