I may a 14 year old boy and I saw the a boy my upstairs neighbor he was nothing special just so nice and one of the only boys I think I have a had a crush on. I never acted bi around my family I always liked a girl but always thought the guy in the Old Navy or Cellphone store were cute but not my age. My mom she thinks bi is nothing a stage in life something that a person says to hide the gayness.

     I live in a small town that is very religous but I from a more diverce city Atlanta Georgia. Love it there love the city so many people. But I don't know really if a bi I thought only that some boys are cute. I like girls to but once I saw him I started to think am I.

     I always thought about it but never thought it would come to this a mental battle of am i or not this is a big problem to me and I hope to think about it more. Thanks for reading.

RedPhish43 RedPhish43
1 Response Mar 22, 2009

hey man i am bi to and 14! :) i live in mississauga tho