This was five days ago. I told one of my "best friends" I've known for a long time not to take advantage of me while drinking (I'm a struggling alcoholic) since I won't be myself and he promised multiple times he wouldn't. While drunk, when he didn't listen I first said no but later on was so disoriented that I couldn't understand what was happening and kept saying what are you doing I don't understand what's happening and when completely numb when he took full advantage of me....people see it as I'm an idiot and was practically asking for it while others say I was raped. I'm so confused. All I know is I haven't slept in days. Help me...
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You said no. He had no right. I'm so sorry it happened to you

You can not legally give consent if you have be drinking. That is the line and then if at any point you said no that just proves even more that he took advantage of you. I am sorry sweetheart but you need to say it to yourself because that is the first step to healing. Yes he raped you

This is definitely rape!Even if you were an idiot,that doesn't mean anything.The only person to be accountable for our actions is ourselves.

Report this to the police. This is rape. He took advantage of the situation and did it without your consent.

But many people tell me it isn't worth it. Plus I haven't got any injuries. I didn't fight back. I just let it be while completely numb. I don't think it would go anywhere

It will, police take this type of case seriously.

People tell me I have no chance of winning the case that and will just be seen by all as a person who drank herself to a rape is all

I hate to see people just get away with these type of crime.

I know it kills me too I just wish I knew if it was worth all the trouble or not

He'll get jailed for sure.

regardless of you winning or not, if you don't report, the next girl he rapes might not get taken seriously. reporting creates a record on him for future incidents.

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