Ever sense I was around 4 or 5 me and my little cousin would touch each other, curiosity I guess. He never penetrated me or came, I don't know if he even know about any of that at the time, i know I didn't. But for whatever reason I would get more sensation from him rubbing my anus then my v, and it was the same for him as well. So he would always sneak in my room at night and we would play with each others privets and anuses. One night he put his finger in it and I felt a full body sensation I instantly fell in love with! Sadly that was the last time we did that with each other :( I miss those days and him, he moved out of town and I don't know if he even remembers any of that
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Its fine, I did the same things with my cousin and a couple years back,she brought it up to me and I remembered, then after the awkward conversation happened, she invited me up to her room and we started doing it again.