I Don't Know If Ive Truly Been Saved By God...

I truly love god to death and everything. But the truth is, the last time I asked for forgiveness, I didn't know if I was saved or not. I thought I was, but I don't think I truly herd god or not. And the truth is, I asked again, right now, and I herd god, not in my mind. But in my heart. And he made me feel that it was going to be ok. I was listening to the people on tv, talk about when you die... you do leave your body... your absent from your body. But the thing is god gives you an imortal body after you have left the body you was in. But they say you have to be saved from your sins, to have that happen! You go and get a new imortal body. But if you have or haven't been saved depends on weather you go to heaven or down to hell. If you have really been saved you survive the second death. But if you haven't then you don't. It's simple. God says that you should fear the devil from getting your soul... not your body. Because when you die you lose your body anyway. The second death is where you should be scared and hope that you have went to heaven. Because that's when God or the Devil.... get's your soul. That's truly what saved has meant. Either you have been saved or truly haven't. I just hope that I have! Because I do love god..... and it's not really me being scared of weather or not Ive been saved or not. Because I herd gods voice in my heart. And he told me everything will be alright. But I'm scared of the devil for sure. I do not want the devil to get me. That's my story. And I love you GOD
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Jun 23, 2010