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I'll Probably Never Have The Guts To Find Out...

We work together and she seems so awesome and it seems like we would have a lot in common. She seems really down to earth and mellow and she's beautiful! We have talked a little bit but I barely know anything about her. Sometimes it seems like she flirting of giving me "the eyes" but I can't tell for sure! I'm afraid to just flat out ask her because I'm not out at work and if she rejects me and tells everyone I'll be devastated! I have a boyfriend...he doesn't know I have a crush. He'd be really sad if he knew because his ex became a lesbian after they dated and he feels like it had something to do with him. He knows I've been with girls before and he's afraid I'm going to leave him for one. To be honest, I've seriously considered it...
Aleesiam Aleesiam 18-21, F Dec 9, 2011

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