First of all, as of now, I'm not looking to take our friendship anything further than a friendship, but I would like to know if she likes me. I met her on a website, and we talk a lot on Skype. We have done video chat, and we have such great chemistry that we can talk for hours.

Now generally I'm very flirty with my sense of humor whenever I'm with some girls, and she hasn't once told me to stop flirting with her, even when it is painfully obvious, so I assume she's okay with it. The problem is, I don't know whether or not her flirting back shows that she likes me. She's called me attractive, but calls me her "attractive internet brother." Could that mean she only likes me as a friend? Or does it mean she likes me as more but is disguising it to avoid rejection.

This isn't the biggest issue, so attention isn't needed, but feedback would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. She also recently told me that she'll be visiting the area that I live in next summer with her family. Is that a coincidence or what? I think it is, but you never know, she might've convinced her parents to visit the area, but I don't think so.

Anyway, thanks for viewing and comments would be appreciated! :D
TeenProblems13 TeenProblems13
16-17, M
Aug 20, 2014