She Was, But Is No More.

My best friend left me. She was my everything, the girl I shared secrets with, the girl who I spent every weekend hanging out with, the girl I knew I could trust with my life. Yeah, that's all over now. Honestly, I don't even know how it ended or why it ended. She stopped talking to me, dissed me in the hallways, ignored my phone calls, and acted like I was a nobody. I was hurt like I had never been hurt before. I still don't know why she doesnt like me. I feel like I wasted 5 years of my life. :(
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It happened to me, we were best friends since we were small. I have known her for about 15 years...Now in these past 3 years we were just disconnect from each other. I was trying my best to reach out to her every time, but she seems doesn't care about it. She has so many friends now...and I feel like she just doesn't need me anymore :'(

i had a friend like that once, dont let her get you down. those years werent wasted it made you the person you are today,


I had a my bff do something similiar...altho in some ways mine is a somewhat happier ending,since we're now friends again after a long year of trial, altho now his best friend is my best girlfriend...friends are fickle...they can either make your world or completely destroy so sorry thought =( thats really sad, its hard to lose anyone even if theyre still technically with us =[

yeah, i bet there r a ton of ppl that wana b ur friend

yeah, i bet there r a ton of ppl that wana b ur friend

thankyou, thats really nice to hear. :)

I'm so sorry =( I know it's really hard when someone you thought would always be there for you leaves. You're probably an amazing person, so I bet there's a lot of other people who would want to be you're best friend. Good luck =)