I Don't Know My Dad At All

I don't know my Dad at all I met him twice in my life.I don't even know if I want to from the stuff I heard. He lives in other Canada or Mexico, gosh I don't even know. He's not allowed in the USA so he can't come here I would have to go to wherever he is.We kind of talk on facebook. The first time he friend requested me on facebook, he said I have no respect and he blocked me. I know why would he do that. Now he re-friend requested me and tries to act like nothing ever happened which makes me mad. He wants me to see him. I don't even know if I want to. The things my mom told me about him makes me really not want to. He never paid my mom anything for me in the USA. He has a phone but rarely textes me back.My dad actually saw my sister,which isn't his daughter (by the way i'm his only child) saw him more than I ever did. I guess you could say i'm curious to know who he is so yeah I want to meet him, but I don't know him at all.All I see is pictures.
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sorry to hear that,,don't sound like he is much of dad,,,he just made your mom pregnant with you,,then deserted you

Thats exactly what he did and no he is not a Dad at all to me.

do you still want a daddy in your life now

Well i have a step dad.

how is that working out for you ?

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