He Left When I Was 2 Months Old

My mom never really wanted a kid and niether did my dad, but when my mom found out she was pregnant she was kind of excited. The way my mom explained it my dad likes being the middle of attention. When he found out he almost amediatly made up a story that he had cancer. -___- At first my mom believed it, but then she went to the doctor to get his mediation and the doctor said his test came back negitive. She went with it for a while. The day of my birth my dad came to the hospital but before I came out he was at the movies with his friend. For the next 2 months he made my mothers life harder. Knowing him and my mom weren't married he walked out never to talk to us again. Someone told my mom he had a minor heart attack but he survived. I have no idea if he is alive right now and honestly I don't think I care.
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hmmm,,,,thats so intrest sory..are u hate ur dad???

I don't hate he's just no.my favorite