That's Me! I Recognize The Face!

just some *sshole from arizona. got my mom pregnant when she was barely 20 and then told her what most *sshole guys do without telling their spouses "i'm not raising this baby, i dont want it, i wanna keep living my bachelor style life, i dont wanna be tied down to anything." so she went single mother for a while and i got my name changed to one my my stepdads because his last name sucks. who wants to be called mathew fife? that sounds horrible. im just glad i dont look like the bastard. now hes got 2 boys he couldnt be more proud of and actually made me a half brother somewhere in san antonio while he was at it that he treats like me. he's a super buff monster looking dude. whatever. it doesnt bother me because ive never seen him so its all good. i got most of my mothers features so theres no question to most of the things that make me "me."
matiswest matiswest
18-21, M
Dec 5, 2012