***** Donor

I have a dad. Even if he isn't my biological 'father' he's more of a father than that ***** donor will ever be. I knew for a long time since before my mother told me that the man that raised me wasn't my biological father.

The man (if you can really call him that) who is my biological 'father' was my mother's high school sweetheart. They were together for a long time and before my mother had me she had been pregnant from him too for 5 months and had a miscarriage. My mother was pregnant with me at 20 and they were together. They were going to get married but his parents which were his mother and step dad (funny how his father left him too, I guess he followed in his footsteps) well they weren't to welcoming to my mother. I don't think they ever really liked her. If I'm corrected he had 3 sisters and only the eldest was the one that was always there for my mother.

I'm actually glad that I never met the ***** donor. From what I've been told he was very possessive and didn't let my mother do anything. He left my mother or should I say my mother told him that she couldn't take it anymore and ended it with him while she was still pregnant with me. Not once after I was born did he try and see me. The only person was his sister that saw me once but after that my mother didn't have any contact with that family and that ***** donor never tried to contact her either.

The most hilarious thing happened this year though. He tried contacting my mother through facebook. He messaged her that he needed to talk to her. After almost 20 years he decides to contact her???!!! What the hell!!!

When my mom didn't answer him he decided to call a teacher that was my mother's teacher one year. Then the teacher messaged my mother to call him(the teacher). So she did and he told her how the ***** donor wanted to talk to her because some thing about his religion. I mean really.... What the hell? I never met the man and never plan on meeting him but honestly what the hell was he thinking. I'm just glad that I have a dad that is the best dad I could ever have. That ***** donor means nothing to me!
NessieMarie NessieMarie
18-21, F
Dec 5, 2012