Hi Guys

i grow up without a dad , to me my mum was my dad . she worked 3 jobs to support me and my brothers and she never spoiled us , to us the things that were important were food , clothing and a house over our head .
our dad never seen us , never payed child support , never did anything to be in our lifes. and today we still dont know him my , mum has meet another man who will soon be my step father and he will be the closes thing i have to a dad expect mum . he has 3 kids soon to be my step sisters and brother . to sum it up i wish i has meet my dad 4 all the things u can only do with your father like father - daughter dances , but its ok becuase mums was there 4 us .
it is not easy being a single mother and with 6 kids but my mum did it .
if i ever meet my dad i am going to tell him:
"thanks 4 not beening in my life and dont worry i dint need u because i have my mum "
mommyofmany mommyofmany
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

1000 hearts to you and your mum , a wonderful Blessing as you are to her.