I have NO FU**IN IDEA WHAT TO DOOOO!he's like a puppy!a mentally disturbed puppy.So one day hes all giggles and sweet and hugs, another day hes like "who the hell are you?" and every time i see him i go all Bluh!yup, thats a thing.starting now "bluh!" is a thing because there are no words to describe how frustrating he is.BLUUUUUUUH!I think ive fallen in love with him, and it REALLY scares me to think that.hes so wierd and sweeeeeet<3!On the other hand he is possibly an escaped mental patient.On the OTHER other hand(yup, i have three hands)he makes me smile.he makes me laugh....and i think, that thats just enough.bluh.
Lorelie1 Lorelie1
13-15, F
Jan 12, 2013