..or His Heritage

I didn't know my father growing up, just the stories I'd heard.

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I was told many years ago that my father was a result of WW2, his father was an American soldier and due to the war ending he returned back to the States leaving my pregnant grandmother behind. When I met my father 16 years ago he told me that his mother had told him that his father was Native American. I'd just agreed and let it go, I'd brushed the idea off as I didn't even know that Native American's fought in WW2 . I've never really thought about it until last year when my mam announced in front of my fiance and daughter (of which I'd never discussed this with either of them) that my daughter was in fact of American descent. I was quite upset as I thought it was my place to tell her, but we'd never discussed my biological father. She isn't concerned with her American ancestry and asked me not to tell any of her friends.
So I tried my best to find out if I was in fact born of Native American ancestry, not that it bothers me either way, but due to having no brother I can't have my Paternal DNA test, only my Maternal which we already know. 

I was told my father was dying of cancer many years ago however when I spoke to my sister about trying to learn our heritage she said he'd been in contact with her through his brother (of a different father) not too long ago and that he was living in an Old People's Home, she knew he hadn't passed away but had never told me. I'm too scared to go and find him now.
I still don't understand why he doesn't want to get to know me.

I guess it would be nice to pass down our known ancestry to children, but as I don't even know my own father I guess I'll never really know.
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May 3, 2011