The Father...

i'm scared for my son. he is only 21 months old. his father denied him. i already felt really bad about that. his father is type of guy who doesn't really want a relationship with kids. he has oldest daughter who's 21. i often wonder, what kind of man would do anything to destroy the relationship with his children? this is worst than my father was to me.

my father, well i barely even know him, he married my mom for almost 21 years, then file for divorced and threw us all out on the street. i was barely 6. i don't know my father very well, i rarely get to see him maybe once a year or two, and he lives only an hour away. i struggled so hard to rebuild that relationship for 10 years. he passed away 5 years ago.
distantshadow2010 distantshadow2010
Apr 27, 2012