Trying To Find My Father

I have been looking for my father for 2 years now since I finally got some information from my mother on him. I dont know where to go from here with it.. I have search all the online search sites I could find as well as all social media and telephone sites. I have come up empty due to how outdated my information is. I know this can end in tears or without a relationship that I would not mind to have but I would love to try. the information I know about him is:
Name: James Raymond Stewart
Last know location: Chilliwack BC
Last know job: Berryland canning(this was shut down years ago due to a lawsuit)
Age: 45-55 (this is an estimation based on my age as my mom will not tell me his real age)
Other children: 3 children older than myself (2 boys and 1 girl)

I am open for any suggestions on where to go from here with it. If anyone who reads this has any idea where is should go please either leave me a comment on here or email me:

Thank you so much for your time,
Dashley1988 Dashley1988
May 12, 2012