I am 38just and truly have no idea who my father is. My mother slept with several people between aug-oct 1973. She has hiven me 3the names so far and none have panned out. She has never been truthful and Im more angry at her now then ever. Will i ever find iut? Why cant she give me a truthful answer????
Sdefratis Sdefratis
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

I think this is what women do when they are embarrassed. Its quite possible that she had a one night stand, or somthing similar, and never even knew either his whole name, or his real name. I find it rather disgusting that people can take this so lightly, and like you, I dont know who my real father is, and my mom was messing around with a couple of men. I foudn one, but he basically told me hey, Im not the only one your mom was messing around with so....this combined with the fact that he didnt even offer to get a paternity test, made me so angry. People should never be this irresponsible, I have a son, and I cannot IMAGINE just possibly getting pregnant and not knowing for sure who teh father is, OR being a man, and just going out and screwing women WITHOUT protection who I didnt care about or intend to be with...NONSENSE!