What Did I Do?

I am Mekbeb Abebe
Thank God is their any other people like me? I am from big wealthy family. My mom (ALMAZ TADESSE) was working in the royal palace. she died when I was 7. After a few years I am going to hear that I am not the son of the man that called Abebe wolde. you are the son of the King of Ethiopian hailesilase. It is amazing for me at that time. At that time I go straight an asked my grand mom and my elder brothers. they know about me. I ask them why don't you tell me. I am not animal I have to know my biological father. After again a years I am going to the royal family House found in Addis Ababa around (Abuware). I ask them a help for DNA take my blood sample and check and set me free. I always pray. I am not a problem. Friends my full story was published on New york times Magazine 2005. you can search by my name Mekbeb Abebe. Also on the book of the 20 Century of Ethiopia. Oh my God I am steel don't know my father by now I am 40 years old.

it is big story you can contact me by telephone 0911700295
Mackmiracleje Mackmiracleje
36-40, M
Nov 27, 2012